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While the economic downturn spelled trouble, and even bankruptcy for many businesses, the sex toys industry actually saw an increase in sales across the whole industry, with month on month expenditure by the general public showing a dramatic upturn. One reason for this is the liberalisation of laws governing the sale of sex toys on the high street. While at one time men and women were forced into shadowy back alleys to indulge in their kinky treats, nowadays society has accepted that everybody needs to get off and has embraced it. No longer do we have to suffer the puritan restriction of the public’s sexual needs, everybody is free to feel good and have as many orgasms as they please! This has obviously provided a major boost for the sex toys industry with sales of all sizes of vibrators breaking all previous records. In addition, sales of costumes have gone through the room, these include: maid, bunny rabbit, nurse, secretary, doctor, soldier, Nazi, fireman, monk, priest, wookie, darth vadar, nun,  avatar, cabbage patch doll, telletubby and many many more. This points to a trend of the public becoming increasingly kinky, but also becoming more relaxed about their sexuality overall. This trend began in the 1960s as free love in Hollywood created a new paradigm by which all future societies would be able to access. As the baby boom generation has handed over power to the flower power generation, we have seen sex going from being a dirty secret behind closed doors to a delight to be shared far and wide. Adult sex toys allow for good, clean fun to take place, behind closed doors and in the privacy of your own home. While previously one may have to visit dangerous areas or enter sexual dungeons, nowadays toys are here for all to indulge in.

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